initState and didChangeDependencies methods in Flutter Explained | Flutter Tips and Tricks


So, a lot of new to Flutter developers are facing problems understanding initState() and didChangeDependencies() method, Though Flutter has got it covered in official docs but newbie developers are finding it hard to understand them.


According to Flutter official docs,Called when this object is inserted into the tree.

The framework will call this method exactly once for...

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Sorting Algorithms Analyzer/Visualizer using Flutter | Best Flutter Project for Students | Flutter Developers


So, few days back I saw linkedin flooded with Sorting Algorithms Visualizer web projects and I thought if it’s possible in web then why not implement this on an app and When it comes to apps you guys know how much I love flutter.

enter image description here

So,Let’s get started.

  • Part 1: Analyzer


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Realtime Dog Breed Detection using Flutter | Machine Learning With Flutter | TensorFlow and Flutter


Dog Breed Identification App with Flutter and tflite in 10 mins.

So,Today we are going to build an app that on given an image of a dog shows you what the breed of the dog is.For this I have used Google Teachable machine to train our classifying model and Flutter to get it working.

Let’s train our model first.

  • Open Google Teachable machine in your Browser by clicking [here](https:...
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Make a Phone Call using Flutter App | Easy Flutter Tutorials


Today we are going to talk about how easy it is to call someone directly from your flutter app so that it can be implemented in a real-time working application.

For this implementation, you will need url_launcher package: Click here to know more about installing and using it in your app.


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Using Image Picker with Flutter and storing images in Local Storage | Quick Flutter Guide | Mobile App Development


So, Today we are gonna talk about and understand how we can import images from ‘ON-DEVICE STORAGE’ or ‘CAMERA’ to our flutter apps and store it in device storage too.

There are 3 Dart packages you’ll need to implement this:

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