The Ultimate CS Core Subjects Interview Guide | Crack any Product based Company

Himanshu Ranjan

I will cover the most important topics asked in interviews cs core. Most important topics related to OS/DBMS/OOPS/CN.

CONTENT OF THIS POST : Most important topics related to OS/DBMS/OOPS/CN.

Important Topic for OS

- Process (Attributes, state, life cycle, PCB) vs Thread.
- Scheduling Algorihtms
- Multiprogramming vs Multiprocessing vs Multitasking vs Multithreading.
- Memory Allocation...
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Flipkart | SDE2 | Bangalore | Feb 2022 [Offer] | Interview Experience and Compensation

Himanshu Ranjan
Education: BTech in Computer Science from Tier 1
Years of Experience: 2 years and 10 months
Prior Experience: SSE & Tech Lead at MNC
Company: Flipkart
Title/Level: SDE 2
Location: Bangalore
Previous Comp: 20 Lakh Fixed (includes PF)
Fixed Salary: 33 L
Variable Incentive pay: 3.3 L
Stock bonus: 12 Lakh stock grant vested over 4 years
Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): ~40 L (first year)
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PayPal | SDE-2 | Bangalore

Himanshu Ranjan
Education: Btech in CS(tier -3 college)
Years of Experience: 3.9 years
Prior Experience: 2 product based companies
Date of the Offer: 02/03/2022
Company: Paypal
Title/Level: Software Engineer 2
Location: Bangalore
Salary: 25,00,00
Signing Bonus: 2L
Stock bonus: $21K vested over 3 years
Bonus: 2L
Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): 34L approx per year
Benefits: standard paypal benefits
Team I...
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Google | L3 | Bangalore

Himanshu Ranjan
Education: B.Tech from tier 2 college
Years of Experience: 7+
Current comp: ₹37,50,000
Date of the Offer: 2022
Company: Google
Title/Level : L3
Location: Bangalore
Salary: ₹28,50,000
Bonus: ₹3, 00,000
Stock: $50k stock grant vested over 4 years (33%, 33%, 22%, 12%)
Signing Bonus: ₹2,00,000
Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): ₹ 41,50,000
Benefits: Standard Google benefits
Other details: One ro...
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Phonepe | Software Engineer | Bangalore

Himanshu Ranjan
Education: BTech(CSE) from tier-III college
Years of Experience: 2.8
Prior Experience: Software Developer at service based MNC
Previous compensation : 10.8 L
Date of the Offer: 26th March 2022
Company: Phonepe
Title/Level: Software Engineer
Location: Bangalore
Salary: 25L(Base)
Relocation: As part of relocation policy
Signing Bonus: 3L
Stock bonus: 30K $ vested over 4 years
Bonus: NA
Total com...
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